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About us

The Office of Enning-Architects was established in 1998 by Franz A. Enning.

The competence of our team lies in the fields of architecture, project development, project management & interior design.

About us

The competence of our team lies in the fields of architecture, project development, project management & interior design.

Our goal is to offer and implement tailor-made solutions to our customers in these areas. This architectural service includes the entire construction process of work phases 1-9 according to HOAIstarting with feasibility studies and drafts, project development and support, right up to the best possible problem solving and control of the implementation of result-oriented architecture.

We provide profound architectural expertise in the areas of commercial and office buildings as well as health centres. Sustainable, cost and deadline-optimized planning and construction supervision led to long-term custom loyalty and follow-up projects from satisfied clients.

Our Team

Franz Enning
Franz Enning
Jessica Abrantes
Jessica Abrantes
M. A. Architectur
Milena Carvalho
Milena Carvalho
B. A. Architectur
Silvia Kaiser
Silvia Kaiser
Architect interior design
Anastasiia Müller
Anastasiia Müller
B. A. Architectur
Gilda de Souza Enning
Gilda de Souza Enning
Brazil contact


Architecture, Interior Design, Master planning & Urban Developement
Design & Development of future orientated concepts
Revitalization of office buildings to meet future market needs
Monitoring of costs and schedules
Facility management, optimal support for institutional real estate owner
Planning & construction in existing structures

Property Management Our scope of works

  • Inventury of existing building and structure, area calculation according to the norms and standards (DIN & GIF) to responding inquiries of potential tenants

  • site inspections, preparation of list of measures, providing cost evaluations for planning reliability
  • Preparation and monitoring of construction schedules , documentation of the building
  • Compiling records of requirements for economical building maintenance and servicing
  • Supporting inspections and building maintenance according to the technical norms and requirements (i.e. PrüfVO)
  • Assistance in preservation, use and change of use
  • Management of buildings and sites
  • Assistance to facility management, property management, asset management and due diligence investigations
  • supervision of the preservation, use or possible conversion of your property
  • planning and implementing of construction projects
  • comprehensive support for buildings and properties
  • Assistance to facility management, property management, asset management and due diligence investigations

Real estate owners aim to operate efficiantly and profitably while developing modernisations and tenant improvments in their office buildings.

A property can not be seen as an one-time investment with no follow-up costs : only approximately 15% of the expenses are related to the construction or acquisition to the building ,however 85% are incurred for building maintenance and repairs. A carefully planned and optimized maintenance strategy provides lasting value preservation and enhancement of the properties.

With moderate and transparent investments the revenue growth of your property assets can be increased.

Due to our profound professional experience and the resulting customer relationships, we are very familiar with the handling of building substance, costs and deadlines.



Low-energy house

A low-energy house achieves rates well below the statutory minimum requirements of the building-energy-rating regulation (EnEV 2009)

Intelligent design solutions, excellent thermal insulation and the use of modern technology will lead to potential savings in energy and costs. The proposed revision, EnEV 2012, will target a further 30% reduction in energy usage for both new builds renovation projects. Our designs already take this into consideration.



Passive-houses achieve a constant comfortable temperature in summer and winter with very low energy consumptions and without the use of an independent heating & cooling system. The heat consumption is limited to 15 kwh (m²/per year) and the primary energy consumption including hot water and power is limited to 120 kwh (m²/per year). In comparison to a low-energy house, approximately 75% less energy for heating is used and a staggering 90% less compared to an average existing building. Energy efficient construction and renovation projects are subsidised with government grants, please avail of our assistance in applying for grants.


Energy Rating Certificate

Due to rising energy costs, energy efficient buildings are more attractive. An Energy Rating Certificate quantifies a buildings energy usage and makes suggestions on how modernising of the building can improve the rating and lower the energy consumption. The Certificate is a tool for more transparency in the market and intends to encourage investment  in modernisation investment and upgrading. As per EnEV 2009 you are requested to provide a Certificate for new builds, substantially modified buildings and existing buildings for sale or rent.

Since 2005 the office Enning-Architects is a registered member with the German Energy Agency ‘Deutsche Energie -Agentur GmbH’ and therefore authorised to certify Energy Ratings. Registration no. 40110.

Climate friendly construction

The motivation behind a climate friendly construction is the world wide increase in energy consumption and combined with diminishing resources. In order to achieve comfortable habitable rooms while being environmentally friendly at the same time the use of renewable local energy resources such as solar, wind & geothermal sources can useful. Our experience in the development of buildings for an international market is to consider the possible use of locally available resources from a very early stage. As part of an integral strategy we aim to work with the climate rather than working against it.

Sustainable Construction

Sustainable Buildings are economically efficient, environmentally friendly and considerate of resources and therefore keep a high value for investors, owners & tenants. The department of transport, construction & urban development (Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Bau und Stadtentwicklung – BMVBS) and the German society for sustainable construction ( Deutsche Gesellschaft für nachhaltiges Bauen e.V – DGNB) have developed a german approval system for sustainable construction ( Deutsche Gütesiegel Nachhaltiges Bauen) to certify sustainable buildings in a systematic way:

This system scores buildings in six categories:

  • Economical quality
  • Ecological quality
  • Socially & functioning quality
  • Technical quality
  • Program quality
  • Quality of location

A design based on these criteria has the following benefits for the tenant and owner:

  • Improved marketing
  • Lower risk
  • Savings in construction costs
  • Optimum design
  • Optimum quality
  • Improved building performance
  • Increased rental income
  • Lower utility costs

Franz A. Enning is a member of DGNB (Deutschen Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen) and would like to recommend each client a sustainable construction to avail of the above advantages and the benefit of certification.